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An Interview with Phil Tunley: Trying a Torture Case in Ontario

I have been editing a busy subscription newsletter this past year, hence my reticence of late.  Below is a link to an interview with Toronto lawyer, Phil Tunley.

By way of background, when I first practiced law in Ontario, I was lucky enough to work with Phil, then at Stockwoods LLP.  My first assignment was to draft the claims for three Canadians, who were victims of torture in prisons in Syria and, in one case, Egypt.

Just this year, Canada has settled those claims.  You can read the apology here:


Lucky for us litigators, Phil has shared his insights about preparing to try one of the most important cases in Canada.  Most of us will never conduct a 6-month long torture trial against the government.  I had a lot of questions about the process.  My questions and Phil’s answers are available here:




torture image.tiff.jpg


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