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Saba Ahmad is a Litigator working on environmental, administrative and commercial matters in Toronto. Learn more at www.sabaahmad.com

Michael Bryant on Challenging the Province on Charter Grounds

Saba Ahmad recently interviewed Michael Bryant about the Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s court application, challenging Ontario’s repeal of the updated sex ed curriculum.  Read the interview here: https://www.oba.org/JUST/The-Community/2018/Michael-Bryant-on-Challenging-the-Province-on-Char   Advertisements

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Frank: A Departure from Figueroa

Forthcoming in the OBA CCLHR’s newsletter, Saba Ahmad’s analysis of Figueroa’s applicability to Frank (voting rights)

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Do Sex Offenders Have a Right to Facebook?

My free speech article was recently published by JUST Magazine.   available at:  https://www.oba.org/JUST/Archives_List/2017/August-2017/Right-to-Facebook

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An Interview with Phil Tunley: Trying a Torture Case in Ontario

I have been editing a busy subscription newsletter this past year, hence my reticence of late.  Below is a link to an interview with Toronto lawyer, Phil Tunley. By way … Continue reading

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An Interview with the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, By Ashley Schuitema #cdnlaw

This is re-posted from the OBA’s constitutional law section newsletter (which I co-edit) at:  https://www.oba.org/Sections/Constitutional,-Civil-Liberties-and-Human-Rights-L/Articles/Articles2016/May-2016/An-Interview-with-the-Chief-Commissioner-of-the-On   I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Renu Mandhane, the new Chief Commissioner of … Continue reading

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Good news: You won and got costs! Bad news: That insurance money you got reduces your recovery #litigation #cdnlaw

An Ontario court recently ruled against a successful party in their bid to be reimbursed for their legal fees in a driveway dispute. In Gouett v. Mullins, 2016 ONSC 714, … Continue reading

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In Memory of Fiza Quraishi (1978-2016) @NCYLNews #Barnard

My second cousin was an amazing advocate.  She died of brain cancer this week.       Her employer has set up a fellowship in her name.  Please consider donating.  … Continue reading

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Helping Self-Represented Litigants #cdnlegal #litigation #onpoli

It turns out that a reasonable portion of my practice is helping self-represented litigants.  Full legal representation is prohibitively expensive for most people.  But many people can afford to pay … Continue reading

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Got Security for Costs? It’s Not Security for Damages #litigation #cdnlegal

Interesting article in the ORs today: http://goo.gl/GpCWLM JS’s solely-owned company was engaged in a litigation with its former landlord, with claims on both sides. The landlord won a security for … Continue reading

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Rant on Court Filings #cdnlaw #cdnlegal

I am ranting about an obscure topic here.  It will probably only resonate with litigators.  And probably only junior litigators and sole practitioners. It’s about having your materials rejected at … Continue reading

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