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Frank: A Departure from Figueroa

Forthcoming in the OBA CCLHR’s newsletter, Saba Ahmad’s analysis of Figueroa’s applicability to Frank (voting rights)

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Do Sex Offenders Have a Right to Facebook?

My free speech article was recently published by JUST Magazine.   available at:  https://www.oba.org/JUST/Archives_List/2017/August-2017/Right-to-Facebook

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An Interview with Phil Tunley: Trying a Torture Case in Ontario

I have been editing a busy subscription newsletter this past year, hence my reticence of late.  Below is a link to an interview with Toronto lawyer, Phil Tunley. By way … Continue reading

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An Interview with the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, By Ashley Schuitema #cdnlaw

This is re-posted from the OBA’s constitutional law section newsletter (which I co-edit) at:  https://www.oba.org/Sections/Constitutional,-Civil-Liberties-and-Human-Rights-L/Articles/Articles2016/May-2016/An-Interview-with-the-Chief-Commissioner-of-the-On   I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Renu Mandhane, the new Chief Commissioner of … Continue reading

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Good news: You won and got costs! Bad news: That insurance money you got reduces your recovery #litigation #cdnlaw

An Ontario court recently ruled against a successful party in their bid to be reimbursed for their legal fees in a driveway dispute. In Gouett v. Mullins, 2016 ONSC 714, … Continue reading

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In Memory of Fiza Quraishi (1978-2016) @NCYLNews #Barnard

My second cousin was an amazing advocate.  She died of brain cancer this week.       Her employer has set up a fellowship in her name.  Please consider donating.  … Continue reading

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Helping Self-Represented Litigants #cdnlegal #litigation #onpoli

It turns out that a reasonable portion of my practice is helping self-represented litigants.  Full legal representation is prohibitively expensive for most people.  But many people can afford to pay … Continue reading

November 7, 2014 · Leave a comment

Got Security for Costs? It’s Not Security for Damages #litigation #cdnlegal

Interesting article in the ORs today: http://goo.gl/GpCWLM JS’s solely-owned company was engaged in a litigation with its former landlord, with claims on both sides. The landlord won a security for … Continue reading

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Rant on Court Filings #cdnlaw #cdnlegal

I am ranting about an obscure topic here.  It will probably only resonate with litigators.  And probably only junior litigators and sole practitioners. It’s about having your materials rejected at … Continue reading

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Courtrooms in India #cdnlaw #litigation

While vacationing in India last year, I observed a criminal proceeding in New Delhi. My tour guide considered my request for a tour of the court akin to a request … Continue reading

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